Stanley STST70574 Review

This Stanley soft sided tool bag is black, gray and yellow and has a price tag of $16.14. It is designed to carry hand tools and other small to medium sized work tools. The bag has comfortable cotton-padded handles and a rubberized foam bottom. There are outer mesh pockets designed to hold tools and personal belongings, the strap is adjustable so you can easily access your tools. This bag is made from durable 100% polyester materials.


This bag is perfect for storing household tools, such as screwdrivers, levels and nuts and bolts. The mesh pockets are large enough to accommodate a good amount of tools. When using this bag, you don’t have to worry about damaging your items, the rubberized foam bottom absorbs shock and prevents breakage. The handles are easy and comfortable to grip, making the bag easy to carry around with you.


This bag is on the smaller side, so you cannot store large tools in it. While the bag is durably made, the zipper is not. Please, use caution when zipping and unzipping the bag because the material is likely to catch in the zipper causing a problem.


This bag is durable, well made and has various pockets for small tools and medium sized items. The Stanley tool bag is light-weight and comfortable to carry around, it’s designed so that you don’t have to worry about your items getting damaged in transit. The only drawback is a cheap zipper, but there are ways of working around that. This is a decent tool bag and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Improve Your Home’s Value with a Home Gym

A big part of the home improvement space is increasing the value of your home. While there are tons of way to do this — mostly through costly renovation — we like to try and innovate around here with ideas. And one of those ideas is this: build yourself a home gym.

A home gym can be terrific for a number of reasons, if you’re a fitness person. One, it saves you an incredible amount of time from having to commute back and forth between your house and your regular gym. Two, it can be cost effective, as most gyms run at least $50/mo in membership fees. And three, as mentioned, it can greatly increase the re-sale value of your home should you decide to put it on the market.

One of our favorite pieces of home gym equipment is a recumbent bike. See theĀ Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike review here for even more detail. But in short, this bike allows you to get in some great cardio exercise, all in the comfort of your home, and even while you are watching TV. The 270 features:

  • a two-screen LCD window to keep track of all your progress
  • goal-tracking technology, which allows you to sync up with all your fitness goals, so you can see how you are improving
  • a whopping 29 different user settings, meaning that you should be able to find a resistance setting that fits your workout needs perfectly
  • a charging USB port for your phone, and data transfers

All this is featured in a well-built and designed frame, which should last you years.

We have one in our basement, and we love it. We know that when it comes time to sell, having a home gym will greatly improve our property value.

Source: Jane’s Best Fitness

Types of Vacuum Cleaners

Before you can make the correct choice in purchasing your vacuum, you have to become with familiar with all the different kinds of vacuums that exist on the market today — and believe me, there are a lot.

So let’s do a quick overview, shall we? Be sure to see more over at Consumer Reports.

Upright. This here is your traditional vacuum cleaner, the one you’re likely to find in all your friends and families houses. See that picture above? That’s an upright vac. As you may have guessed, the unit sits in an upright position, allowing you to push it around your floors. These types of vacs are generally more powerful — better suction — but also tend to weigh a bit more and cost a little bit more money. Regardless, they’re by far the most popular type of vacuum on the market today.

Handheld. You’re all familiar with handheld vacuums; likely you refer to it as a “dust-buster”, if you’re anything like me. These types of vacuums are for those quick, small clean up jobs, like if you spilled some cereal on your floor, or tracked some mud into your house on the bottom of your shoes. Handheld vacs are also useful in cars, since they’re portable and can be taken anywhere.

Canister. A canister vacuum kind of falls in between the other two types — they’re generally smaller and lighter than an upright vac, but not nearly as small as a handheld unit. The benefit of using a canister vac is that they’re pretty easy to maneuver around your home, they’re reasonably priced, and their suction power is on par.

So what do we recommend? Well, as usual, it comes down to personal preference and need. More likely than not, you’re going to be best suited for an upright vac. But if you like in an apartment and have less space, a canister unit may be your best option.