Types of Vacuum Cleaners

Before you can make the correct choice in purchasing your vacuum, you have to become with familiar with all the different kinds of vacuums that exist on the market today — and believe me, there are a lot.

So let’s do a quick overview, shall we?

Upright. This here is your traditional vacuum cleaner, the one you’re likely to find in all your friends and families houses. See that picture above? That’s an upright vac. As you may have guessed, the unit sits in an upright position, allowing you to push it around your floors. These types of vacs are generally more powerful — better suction — but also tend to weigh a bit more and cost a little bit more money. Regardless, they’re by far the most popular type of vacuum on the market today.

Handheld. You’re all familiar with handheld vacuums; likely you refer to it as a “dust-buster”, if you’re anything like me. These types of vacuums are for those quick, small clean up jobs, like if you spilled some cereal on your floor, or tracked some mud into your house on the bottom of your shoes. Handheld vacs are also useful in cars, since they’re portable and can be taken anywhere.

Canister. A canister vacuum kind of falls in between the other two types — they’re generally smaller and lighter than an upright vac, but not nearly as small as a handheld unit. The benefit of using a canister vac is that they’re pretty easy to maneuver around your home, they’re reasonably priced, and their suction power is on par.

So what do we recommend? Well, as usual, it comes down to personal preference and need. More likely than not, you’re going to be best suited for an upright vac. But if you like in an apartment and have less space, a canister unit may be your best option.

Hoover WindTunnel Pet Review

The Hoover WindTunnel Pet vacuum has been reviewed by more than 250 customers on Amazon, averaging a customer rating of 4.09 stars out of 5. It retails for around $120, making it one of the best vacuum cleaners for pet hair and wood floors that you can purchase today.


The Hoover WindTunnel Pet Vacuum is specifically designed to help you minimize pet hair and odor in your home. It boasts a 12-amp motor, which powers the WindTunnel Technology suction that is designed to remove dirt and debris from your carpets. It comes with an air-powered Pet Hand Tool, which is designed around rubber wipers which collect the pet hair, and then the powerful suction carries them away. The WindTunnel boasts its Activated Carbon HEPA Media Bag filters, which are meant to trap 99.97% of dust and pollens down to 0.3 microns. The vacuum can also handle both carpeted areas and hardwood floors, as it features an On/Off Brushroll to easily transition between the two.


In addition to the above features, multiple reviewers on Amazon raved about how lightweight this vacuum is (especially for a upright vacuum, which generally tend to be on the bulkier side), allowing for easy maneuverability from room to room. As with any vacuum, it really comes down to suction power, and multiple customers commented on how powerful and consistent the suction was on the WindTunnel, pulling dirt right out of the carpet. The bags on this vacuum are also easy to attach, which is important of course when you go to empty the bag each time. Other pros of this vacuum include a long cord, minimal blowback of dirt and dust, the easy ability to turn the Brush Roll on and off, and the general great value this vacuum provides at around $120.


Although the vacuum’s lightweight design was obviously intended as a good thing, some Amazon reviewers complained that the vacuum was too light, in that it would sometimes fall over, or that it was too easy to knock over. Another knock on the vacuum according to some reviews is that the WindTunnel includes only one extension wand, which is very short and is difficult to reach hard-to-get-to places.

Source: The Verge